Can’t get to one of our Educational Pursuit centers? We bring the program to you! Our online program prepares students to achieve success on the SAT in the comfort of their own homes.


Each course includes over 100 multimedia lessons individualized for each student!

  • With 104 multimedia lessons and 61 quizzes, our program prepares students for success!
  • Each lesson is aligned to the core standards set forth by the official test makers
  • Each lesson is narrated and interactive, embedded with real-time Q&A that reinforces learning and improves memory retention to ensure you understand every topic and concept.
  • Lessons also include additional tips for time-management, intelligent guessing tactics, and strategies for reading quickly while comprehending more.
  • Our program uses full-length tests from the official test makers so students get the most realistic practice possible and reinforce what they are learning.
  • Personalized schedules automatically tell students when to take quizzes and on which weeks they should attempt full-length practice tests.
  • Tests and quizzes are instantly graded online and offer immediate feedback on how to improve.
  • Our skills-based curriculum ensures that students are not only better prepared to take the test, but that they also have a real understanding of the material needed for college readiness and success.


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