About Us

Since 1997, the Educational Pursuit mission has been to help high school students with every aspect of the college application process.

We are not just a test prep center, we provide complete college preparations.  Our greatest pleasure comes from helping our students with their college essays and resumes, learn about their college options, get assistance with their applications and even visit the schools they are considering. We are a full-service college planning business.  We treat each child as if they were our own and because of that, our goal is to help each student make the best decisions for his/her individual needs.

Educational Pursuit employs a staff of only truly dedicated educators and counselors to properly assist students with every need. Most of our teachers have 10 -25 years of teaching experience and Master’s Degrees in education. We only use the most compassionate, caring, and professional educators because we want our students learning from the best!

What sets Educational Pursuit apart from other companies is that we are owned and operated by experienced educators who truly care about their students and want to help each one succeed. Every student who walks through our door receives personal attention. From day one, students feel like they have their own custom program and the experts they need to help them make the right decisions as they look towards college and the future.

In the past 20 years,

we have helped over 10,000 students excel in the SAT and ACT tests, write exceptional essays, create customized resumes and select the perfect college for them based on their wants and needs. We take our job seriously. Since day one, we have made it our policy to put each student on the right path to college and their future. We care about our students. We take it personally. We love what we do.