ACT Prep


Our ACT program will minimize your test anxiety and give you the confidence and skills you need to succeed.

Our program is different because we “get it.” While many other companies will have you believe that SAT and ACT preparation are virtually the same, we know this is not true. There are similarities in some of the content, but the approach to the ACT is vastly different. We have helped thousands of students master this exam with our unique strategies.

In our ACT Power Course, we teach students:

  • Three strategies to get through the tedious reading passages
  • Three ways to get “un-stuck” when you don’t know what to do on math problems
  • How to de-science the science section to get the correct answers
  • How to become a Grammar Guru in nine easy steps
  • How to manage your time on the test and actually finish
  • How to make the best educational guesses and gain the most points

We offer three different course formats to fit a variety of schedules and needs. Students can choose from a five-week course, a one-week intensive or one-day review classes. Our educational consultants can help find the right program for you.

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