College Tours


Since 1997, Educational Pursuit has helped students and their families narrow down the college choices with our college tour program.

Over several days, we take students to visit the diverse collection of colleges throughout Florida.Unfortunately, we have heard that many students choose a university simply because it is where their friends are going, because of the football team’s ranking, because the dorms seem nice, or even because they “heard” it was a good school. At Educational Pursuit, we demystify the college and its campus by bringing students to tour various college campuses, and providing them with first-hand experience of what each university has to offer.

While on our Florida College Tour, students follow a carefully planned itinerary that is led by experienced college counselors who not only know the campuses, but also work with the students on finding the right fit.


While on the Florida College Tour, students can expect to:

  • Take a comprehensive tour of each campus
  • Speak with admissions officers who will answer all of their questions about college
  • Tour the dorms and student unions
  • Eat meals in the campus dining halls
  • Meet college students who can answer their questions about freshman year, campus life, clubs, sports,            fraternities/ sororities, and more

Tours can be customized for a group, or students can join our annual trip each spring. Whichever trip you do, it is an experience not to be missed.

The cost of our tours varies, depending on the amount of days traveling. Each trip includes round-trip bus fare, hotels (quads), breakfast each morning, and all taxes and gratuities. Our Educational College Counselors can book your tour and answer any questions you may have.