SAT Prep


Our SAT prep course is the most effective course of its kind.

The unique sensory-integration curriculum increases the student’s ability to learn and retain the information successfully. We boost student confidence and test scores by using our exclusive Strategy+Practice=Mastery approach.

  1. Strategy: The core of our system is teaching students how to approach each test question. We show students how to single out the easy and hard questions, how and when to omit a question and how to improve timing. We also provide them with techniques to answer every type of question.
  2. Practice: Since strategy only works if students remember how to use it, we require mandatory homework that consists of real practice tests to reinforce our skills. We then identify the types of questions the student is answering incorrectly and help him/her to learn how to properly answer the question next time.
  3. Mastery: Students who follow our SAT Boot Camp program, including 2- 3 times of practice per week, can master the SAT in as little as 7-12 weeks. Most of our students improve an average of 200 points but many have improved up to 450 points or more, including many with “perfect” scores!

Plus, we teach all of our students…

  • The 6 grammar lessons they need to know to answer every writing question
  • How to “read” the reading passages without much reading
  • The perfect formula to write a flawless SAT essay every time
  • The 10 things every student should know about math, but forgot

Other features of the Educational Pursuit SAT program include:

  • Highly experienced teachers – most with 10-25 years of teaching experience and a Master’s Degree
  • Complete immersion of SAT strategies and methods
  • Instruction done in a comfortable and fun learning environment
  • SAT vocabulary-building techniques to decode words quickly and effectively
  • Real practice tests with individualized problem solving
  • Time management training to complete each section within the allotted time
  • Comprehensive explanations that detail not just how to find the right answer, but how to detect and avoid selecting the wrong answers
  • Flexible program schedules to meet a variety of different needs

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