College Admissions

With nearly 5,000 colleges and universities around the country, the application process can seem overwhelming and stressful.

And, as universities become more competitive, students are finding it harder than ever to gain acceptance to their top choice. Unfortunately, most families do not know where to begin, leaving students to try and figure everything out by themselves.

At Educational Pursuit, we take the anxiety out of applying to college, making the entire process more enjoyable for the student and parents. Our highly experienced college counselors assist students every step of the way, from finding the perfect college to completing the applications.

For nearly 20 years, we have helped students successfully navigate the college application process by:

  • Creating an individualized college plan
  • Helping students craft the perfect essays that reveal their unique voice
  • Assisting in the completion of their applications effectively and easily
  • Showcasing students strengths by creating an extraordinary resume
  • Advocating for students with the college admissions departments at their top choices

Educational Pursuit helps minimize the stress of the college application process. We even offer a free consultation. We encourage you to make an appointment today and start preparing for the best four years of your life.

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