Help for Children with Learning Disabilities

Mind Key Resources, INC.
Welcome to Mind Key Resources, where we look at the whole child, not just their challenges.  With individual educational strategies we are dedicated to helping your child reach his or her academic goals. At Mind Key Resources, learning models can be adapted to meet the needs of varying exceptionalities to prepare for FCAT, provide home schooling, remediation, reading and math enrichment and other …educational advocacy.  You will find that we integrate the most revered multi-sensory approaches to support children with AP, SI, SLD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or even a gifted child who needs additional supports.  If existing methods are not working, the professionals at Mind Key Resources will find the key to unlock your child’s potential.
Mind Key Resources was founded by educational therapist Kim Freeman who has 20 years of experience in special education. Kim and her staff have a wealth of experience and knowledge in Lindamood-Bell, Orton Gillingham, Brain Gym, Interactive Metronome, Neuro-Net, and a myriad of other educational programs that are customized for each individual student.
For more information, contact Kim Freeman at  954-691-7806 or [email protected]

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