Lorraine Petel

Getting into UC Berkeley was my dream ever since I was in Middle School. Starting Junior year, I went to Educational Pursuit to improve my SAT/ACT scores for my Berkeley application. Susan Safra taught me that the SAT and ACT aren’t just tests but are exams that need strategy skills to succeed. She drilled us on how to overcome the many obstacles within the exam during our classes. The most important aspect of Educational Pursuit was the teacher’s ability to help any student turn their successes into respectful and distinguished resumes and essays. I had a lot of doubt getting into UC Berkeley. I knew my test scores were not perfect but Educational Pursuit took my many academic and extra curricular successes and turned them into a defined application that overshadowed my less than perfect test taking. On March 24th, 2011 I was accepted into the Letters and Science program at UC Berkeley and could not have done it without the help of Educational Pursuit.

– Lorraine Petel, UC Berkely Class of 2016
Publicity Director
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