Mindy Strum

“My twin daughters benefited so much by going with Susan on her Florida College Tour. I haven’t heard of any other college tour company that provides the same well rounded experience as Susan does. Not only did she make arrangements for them to speak with college advisers, but they visited dorms, libraries, student unions, football fields etc. Susan was there with them to answer their questions throughout the entire tour and she made it a lot of fun as well. Susan is also preparing my daughters to take the SAT and ACT exams. Not only does she teach them the specific tools and strategies needed to take each exam, but she makes it a priority to learn their strengths and weaknesses so she can provide individual guidance. That said, learning from Susan has helped with their confidence in taking standardized exams! The Educational Pursuit Learning Center offers a very inviting environment for students. In addition to the weekly classes, Susan provides her students with so much additional support by inviting students to practice what she teaches them as often as they would like to by attending “Study Club” whenever they want to. She even gives them snacks that they love….. I would recommend Susan Safra and her staff to anyone on the college path.”

— Mindy Strum, parent.