Persis Bhadha

“Success isn’t accidental; it comes from hard work. My Educational Pursuit teacher made preparing for the SAT fun. Through her unique insight and instruction, I knew the exam inside and out and was able to excel on test day.”

“At Education Pursuit, you don’t just sign up for a class. You sign up for a meaningful experience that prepares you for test day. You have teachers that study your strengths and weaknesses to adapt to your needs; peers around you that lighten the mood; unlimited comforts, like snacks and drinks that keep you energized; and encouragement, through preparation, that makes you believe that YOU CAN DO THIS! By the end of the sessions, you’re not just willing—you’re able.”
(Instead of able, you can put “confident” or “ready.”)

“Educational Pursuit will leave you confident and equipped for your successful future.”

Current senior, Persis Bhadha. She scored over a 2200 on the SAT…