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TYLENOL® Future Care Scholarship

Provided by: TYLENOL®

The program benefits undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing healthcare-related degrees. With a total of $250,000 to award to forty exceptional students, we are proud to be a part of caring for those who have committed to caring for others.

Award: 10 Awards of $10,000 and 30 Awards of $5,000

Deadline: June 30, 2014

To apply, visit the website:


CaptainU $2,000 Student-Athlete Scholarship

Provided by: CaptainU

CaptainU, the leading college sports recruiting platform, is awarding a $2,000 scholarship every quarter to a top student-athlete looking to play at the next level. You can get noticed by over 16,000 college coaches and find the college programs that are the right fit for you and make a college team

Award: $2,000

Deadline: May 31, 2014

To apply, visit the website:


$10,000 Clothes Recycling Scholarship

Provided by: and H&M

Sign up for Comeback Clothes to collect old or worn-out clothes and drop them off at your local H&M store to help save precious resources. Submit a photo of the clothes you collected to be entered to win the Comeback Clothes Scholarship. Start

Award: $10,000

Deadline: June 20, 2014

To apply, visit the website:



The Student of the Month Scholarship

Provided by: Degreed

THIS $1,000 SCHOLARSHIP HIGHLIGHTS ONE AMAZING COLLEGE STUDENT AND ONE AMAZING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT EACH MONTH. We are looking for students who are going to make the future a better place with diverse set of accomplishments both academic and extracurricular.

Award: 2 x $1,000

Deadline: May 31, 2014

To apply, visit the website:

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