Last Bit of Advice for Seniors

It’s May and your high school graduation is closer than ever!

But, before you get too excited, remember that there are plenty of loose ends to tie up in high school…and there’s plenty to think about for next semester as well.

Speaking of which, you’re about to embark upon the next phase in life and there’s so much to prepare for, it’s probably a little bit overwhelming to keep it all straight at this point.

That’s why we’ve developed a list to help keep you focused throughout the month on tasks you need to accomplish to finish the school year properly, as well as start preparing for your next semester in college.

So, soon-to-be college freshman, here’s what you need to focus on accomplishing this May:


1. College Summer Orientation Sessions

Take note of any summer orientation sessions that you need to attend for college and start to make plans accordingly, looping your parents in so they can help arrange to attend, too.



2. Summer Job Planning

Firm up any summer job plans (or make some if you haven’t done so already).



3. College Savings

Create a savings plan that allows you to save your summer earnings to start college off on a positive financial note.



4. Final High School Transcripts

Check in with your high school counselor to ensure they have the correct college of choice on record and are forwarding your final school transcripts to the college.



5. Prepare Your College Budget

Prepare a realistic (note the emphasis on the word realistic) student budget that you can utilize once you get to college.

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