Take a Gap Year at American University

NEW** American University GAP Program

For the first time, high school graduates who want to explore life before entering college can now do so at AU in Washington, D.C. Students in the AU Gap Program will spend one or two semesters in a D.C. internship, take enriching academics, learn in laboratory environments, and much more!


You will have an enriching academic and internship immersion experience in Washington, D.C.!

From day one, you start to build a foundation for academic and career success because the AU Gap experience focus on skills that you can use later in academics or a professional career.

Our Gap Program seminar classes are learning laboratories — taking full advantage of Washington, D.C. The classes are interactive sessions led by a professor who will introduce you to local, national, and global experts. You will participate in site visits to area nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and businesses. Classes are two days per week.

You will spend three days each week at an internship with a D.C. area organization. This experience can impact your understanding of world issues or guide your decision of what to study later at college. During this process, AU professors serve as mentors; and throughout the semester, you will read professional articles, write papers, keep a journal, and meet regularly with your professor to discuss the internship experience.

You will live on the AU campus and have access to AU campus resources. In addition, since this is an academic and experiential learning program, as you leave AU, you will have an AU transcript to take with you for possible transfer to another college program.

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